Maytag Laundry Pair

Maytag Laundry Pair


Maytag Washer:

With a large capacity at 3.8 cu. ft., this top load washing machine utlilizes the PowerWash® agitator to stir up the concentrated cleaning and robust wash action needed to remove tough stains. This powerful washing machine also muscles in the Best Cleaning in its class driven by the PowerWash® cycle. Plus, the Quick Wash cycle helps clean loads faster by shortening cycle time. The Deep Water Wash option gets more water on wash cycles when you want it, for deep water wash clean. Add in the included 10-year limited parts warranty1 on the motor and stainless steel wash basket, and you've got the power to clean tough loads for the long haul.


Maytag Dryer:

  • 7.0 cu-ft capacity dryers have plenty of space to dry large loads

  • Wrinkle control option tumbles clothes without heat after the cycle has ended

  • Heavy-duty motor spins the drum to handle large loads effectively

  • Moisture Sensing helps prevent over- and under-drying

  • 10-Year Limited Parts Warranty on the Drive Motor and Dryer Drum

  • Maytag® Commercial Technology features high-performance parts, including a durable, heavy-duty motor and a 5-rib belt built to last

  • American Pride - we take pride in building strong, reliable appliances for your home - from Marion, Ohio to you, these dryers are designed, engineered and assembled in the USA